// Conditions - Better Life//

Last year, before I took some leave at work, my buddy Poppy gave me a CD to listen to.  We found common ground after I commented on her International Superheroes Of Hardcore t-shirt, but that’s another story for another time!  It was a CD for a band called Conditions.

I irritated my boyfriend by putting on a variation of ‘my music’ on a long trip to Dorset.  It was only when I put on Conditions that his frown softened.  And it’s not often, I might add, that the pair of us actually agree on a band. 

This is probably a very good testament to how good Conditions actually are.  They have a meaty edge to their music, but with poppy harmonies and strong vocals to bring the balance to, what I would consider, perfection.  I seriously love it.

Above is a little something to show you what I’m talking about.  These Virginia boys mean business!

Do something good for yourselves and give it a listen.

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